Make Your Message Pop With A Custom Sign

Developing a custom sign is a way to ensure that your message is heard and understood.  More often than not many people will try to throw out anything in the hopes of drumming up business.  When they do it like this, they will get very limited or mixed results.  When designing and building your Custom signs Toronto you want to really be focused and ensure that your message is clear.

Custom signs Toronto

Sign size

The size matters when it comes to a sign.  Before deciding on the size of a sign you want to look at where it will be placed and all the exposed vantage points from which it can be viewed.  If you are near a highway for instance, you may want to have a sign that is larger and crisper.  This will allow people to be able to focus in on your sign as they drive.  If your sign is in a shopping center, then a standard size sign that is similar to all the others will be good.


You want the colors of your sign to be easy on the eyes.  When looking at a sign you want to grab the attention of your prospect.  If the colors are too dark, light or inconsistent then you want to change them up.  Before you choose your colors, look at others in your industry and see what they are using. There is a whole world of color science to draw from and how it affects the human psyche and buying decisions.

Call to action

The sign that you create should trigger some form of call to action.  Either they will see your sign and become hungry, thirsty, or tired.  You will trigger the need for an item such as a shirt, tire or book.  When it comes to branding and product awareness, the call to action will determine if your sign is working or not.

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